Behind every creation there is a story

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These drawings are 2D pieces I'm working on for a computer game I'm making with my grandson Byron and son Steve. I'm collaborating with my art and sculptures and they're helping me animate them. It appeals to me because it's a great challenge... and I love challenges. It's great fun and I need a focus to work on or else I get stale.

designing an album cover for lanks

This is the cover artwork for my grandson, Will's (LANKS) new EP.

The flowers were given to me in class for practising still life. I did a demonstration in front of my class and this was what i did. 
They were daisies that were given to me and I took them home and planted them and propogated them and they grew. 

I wanted to show my class how to fade colours using watercolour, especially using greens. We’re actually doing that in class this week again too, showing different greens in watercolour can reflect different lights.

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This is a painting I did at the base of the red bluff cliffs in beaumauris, which my grandson Will (LANKS) has used for his new single artwork. 

It was very windy and the tide was coming in, and was difficult because the wind was knocking over my paints. It can be hard working under bad climate conditions. 

And as I painted those people walked across, they were heading over to the other bay. The design work around my watercolour was created by Will Devereux.


the trees at tarrawarra museum

This is the sketch I did at Tarrawarra Museum, a fantastic museum where we had stopped for a picnic lunch. 

I was sitting in a chair and thought 'I like the avenue of trees going towards the shed there'. The shed wasn't part of the museum, it was part of the maintenance for the gardens I think. 

These trees were lovely and had a canopy which I didn't draw, I just quite liked the trunks.




We were on our boat and we went to the east arm of the St George’s River in the Kimberley (WA) and there was this vertical cliff face, bt Lin and I decided we couldn’t climb up because it was too difficult. 

There was a rope though and the rest of the family climbed up and they went to the top and there was this wonderful fresh water rockpools. 

The next day my daughter Ro and her family went back there and they saw a crocodile that dived under their dinghy so they climbed up there and stayed there till the crocodile disappeared.

We had visited this same spot when we sailed around Australia in the 80s and we climbed up without a rope actually

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