Valda Cuming is a Melbourne sculptor, painter, mixed media artist and teacher. 

She was born in Korumburra Victoria, but moved to Melbourne at the age of 9 where she was educated at M.L.C. Cato College.

She showed an early interest in all forms of art and handcrafts and after leaving school pursued courses in both art and metalwork at R.M.I.T.

Soon after her marriage in 1954 she and her husband moved overseas, first to North America and then to Europe where they lived in France, Switzerland and the U.K. It was during this period that Valda developed her interest in ceramics. In Geneva she studied pottery and engraving at the Ecole de Gravure de Geneve. In 1969, she continued her pottery studies for a further two years at the Slough Institute of Technology. U.K.

On returning to Australia in 1972 she concentrated solely on ceramics, developing her style of representational work, typified by birds, animals and dragons and at the same time experimenting with textures and glazes. Her work soon evolved into a more sculptural direction and as well as ceramic as a medium, she now works with limestone, soapstone, and wood and preparing pieces for casting in ceramic and lost wax casting for bronzes.
Since 1984 she has also been working in watercolours, mixed media, printing and collages.